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It’s my hope & goal to make a difference in the lives of others by informing, inspiring, mentoring, & empowering through beauty, fashion, and the Avon Foundation for Women.


A little about me…

Hi! I’m Beth Bailey, an Avon Independent Sales Representative, National Recruiter, Fundraiser Specialist, & Gift Basket Maker! I’m married to my junior high school sweetheart, and am a Mom of 5. I’m based in Ruston, Louisiana, but I serve the entire United States through my online store and social media. I first joined Avon in 2012 and made President’s Club in my first full sales cycle. When I’m ever able to catch the time & opportunity, I love 4-wheeler riding and target practice.


And New Avon…

Avon USA became New Avon in 2016 and is a private entity. Just like all of our global Avon groups, New Avon has a large selection of quality products! We have makeup, Anew anti-aging skincare, cleansing skincare, jewelry, nail color, ladies fashion & footwear, Senses shower gels & lotions, Skin-So-Soft, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling, home decor, kitchen ware, mark by Avon, perfume, cologne, perfume/cologne bath & body, Planet Spa, moisturizing body lotions, footcare, bras, body shaping, and more!

You can find all of these great products at my Avon eStore


In addition to sharing Avon products…

~ 💄 Do you know a person, group, or organization that needs a fundraiser? Message me with their information because I can help them with Avon Fundraising! I have info here on my blog:

~  👠 I also make custom gift baskets for your special occasion, saving you time & hassle! I can create your gift basket with items such as Bubble Bath, nail enamel, Avon’s iconic Skin So Soft, perfume/cologne sets, and more! For more info or to order yours:

~ 💄 I’m always looking for motivated ladies who want to either create a full-time business, need some extra cash, or maybe just want to get their own products at a discount. If you’d like to join me and Avon for the low start-up fee of $25, visit my Opportunity page @ If you’re ever prompted for a Reference Code, it’s bethbailey. Need more info before joining Avon? I have info here on my blog:

~  👠 Want Avon products but your wish list is bigger than your budget? Why not have a Quickie Facebook Party and reap the Hostess Benefits of free products?! Message me on Facebook for details!



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Have a great day!

~ Beth


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💄 👠  And remember… If you would like for me to be your Avon Lady, check your Avon account settings if you haven’t already, to make sure you are registered as an eCustomer with me serving as your Avon Representative. If you don’t know how to do that, here’s how.


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