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Avon Award Sales – What are They and How Do I Get Them?

Avon Award Sales – What are they and how do I get them?


Avon Award Sales - What are they and how do I get them, Beth Bailey Avon Ind Sales Rep, LipstickShoesAndMore.net

One of the first things an Avon Representative usually starts hearing about, either from other Avon Reps or through Avon training, is Award Sales. Knowing what your Award Sales are is definitely something I believe all Avon Reps need to learn about to build your Avon business.


What are Avon Award Sales?

Award Sales are the year-to-date dollar amounts of Avon Representative and customer orders and are used two different ways. First, they’re used to determine Avon Rep sales achievement levels in our President’s Recognition Program. Second, as points, they’re used to determine Rep eligibility for rewards and recognition in Avon’s Rewards & Recognition Program in which Avon Reps can earn rewards you can choose such as a cookware set. In fact, as I’m writing this, there are Avon Representatives vacationing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic because they are top sellers in Avon and earned the all-expenses paid trip!



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Which products count towards Award Sales?

Award Sales are accumulated for all products except a few (as described at the bottom). The following products & transactions will give you Award Sales:

1. Customer price of products from the Avon Brochure, mark magalog, & Living magalog, both face-to-face or through the Representative’s eStore:

  • Beauty, Fashion, Jewelry, Accessories, Gift, and Home products

  • Cause-related products

  • Purchase-with-Purchase (PWP) or Discount-with-Purchase (DWP) products and/or Customer Order Builders (COB)

2. Outlet (except when item is no longer available)

3. Flyer purchases

4. Demo purchases (at the demo price)

5. Sales Aids, including Brochures, Samples, Trial-Size products, and other Business & Sales Tools (even our jewelry display forms)


Just to clarify on something a little: If you buy an item from the brochure even when you can get it from the What’s New Demo book, your Award Sales will be that of the brochure, which is more than the demo book. However, getting items for the cheaper price from the What’s New gives you the opportunity ahead of the brochure to showcase it on/for yourself to everyone you know, on your social media platforms, in videos, at events, and in your daily out-and-about routine, all of which gives you early order opportunities.




Are there any special circumstances?

There are a few situations where it may be unclear if you’ll get Award Sales. I’ll try to clear that up here:

  • Award Sales for all delay-billed products (only through the What’s New demo books) will be awarded in the Campaign the products ship.

  • If an order is shorted and the product is expected to ship in an upcoming Campaign, Award Sales will be given.

  • Award Sales will be given for products ordered out of the current brochures or flyers (Outlet excluded) but came up no longer available.

  • A new Avon Representative’s Starter Kit does NOT count towards Award Sales.

  • Award Sales will NOT be given if an item that is no longer available at the time of order was either marked as “While Supplies Last” or it was previously communicated to the Rep that the item was no longer available.

  • Because the Avon Outlet is our clearance brochure and clearly states that all items are “While Supplies Last”, Award Sales will NOT be given for items that are sold out.



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