Avon All Aboard with Onboarding

All Aboard with Avon Onboarding

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Avon’s new recruiting incentive program began September 16, 2016 and is designed to encourage you in team building and is open to all Avon Reps.


To become an Avon Representative, visit my Start page at BossLifeForMe.com


Build your team by recruiting and mentoring people and by finding those who want to earn more by starting their own teams. This means more earnings for you, even long after you are no longer a new Avon Representative.


All Aboard with Onboarding is an incentive opportunity available to all Avon Representatives that gives us 3 ways to earn $355 per Recruit. First in sales, 2nd in recruiting, and 3rd for both sales and recruiting. Check out the graphic below to see what I mean!


Avon All Aboard 3 Ways to Earn



Each Campaign stands alone, so the new recruit and their upline representative can earn in an individual campaign even if the new recruit missing a previous campaign’s sales goal.


KickStart participants will receive the $50 KickStart Mentor Bonus for the new recruit’s first paid order of $150 or more and are eligible to earn the $20 bonus in All Aboard with Onboarding for the new recruits 2nd-6th qualifying orders.


There is no limit to the amount of $20 bonuses a Representative can earn when their new recruit mentors Qualified KickStart Recruits. To receive your bonus(es), your account must be active and in good standing. Bonuses will be paid via pre-paid card or direct deposit.


The All Aboard with Onboarding Program is currently scheduled to end with Campaign 2, 2017.




To become an Avon Representative, visit my Start page at BossLifeForMe.com




Have a great day and I hope to help you get started soon!

Beth Bailey



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