Avon’s After Christmas Clearance!

I hope you have a great Christmas! It’s always wonderful to get with family & friends during the year, but especially at Christmastime. Many times, it’s the only time of year we’re able to get together with some or all of our loved ones. I know many of you are also getting ready to make your way to the stores tomorrow morning to find great clearance deals on holiday items, so I just wanted to let you know of something that will save you some time & hassle, in addition to money!

Before you hit the stores for your after-Christmas shopping, check out the 108 pages all together in the Outlet books Avon has out right now! In the Campaign 26/1 Outlet, there are 68 pages of after-holiday clearance items from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and there’s also jewelry! The Campaign 1 Outlet has 40 pages filled with fragrance, cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, & much more! In both, there is much to choose from, including organizational, laundry, & home décor items just to name a few!

Peruse at your convenience but don’t wait too long – like all other clearance items, it’s while supplies last!

avon outlet 26-1

avon outlet 1

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