There’s Hope in Pink – Help Turn Breast Cancer Diagnoses into Stories of Survival

There’s Hope in Pink – Exclusive, Limited-Edition Breast Cancer Crusade Fundraising Products

Pink Hope Breast Cancer Crusade Products, Beth Bailey Avon Rep,

You can help support the programs that support breast cancer awareness and research with your purchase of any of these products that are exclusive and limited-edition from Avon Breast Cancer Crusade for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


Avon donates 20% of net profits of all breast cancer fundraising products (up to $1 million per calendar year) to Avon Foundation for Women programs in the U.S., which helps to fund breast cancer research, give access to breast cancer screenings for more than 18 million women, and breast health education to more than 145 million people.


Help turn breast cancer diagnoses into stories of survival with your purchase of any of these Pink Hope products:

Pink Hope Iconic Lipstick Set – $10 for the set – Avon True Color Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Pure Pink, the official lipstick shade of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. It’s paraben-free and comes the a 4-inch zip-close nylon cosmetic case.

Pink Hope Nesting Bags Set of 3 – $15 – Each in the set has a top zip closure, goldtone ribbon charm and hardware and are fully lined

Pink Hope Mini Backpack – $25 – Fully lined with a patterned design, logo zipper pulls, inner zip pocket, 2 side slip pockets and one outer zip pocket. The straps are adjustable and the backpack is 11” high, 9” long, and 6” deep.

Pink Peony Candle – $12- This a 3-wich candle with 30 hours of burn time, is 11 ounces, 4″ in diameter, and 3 1/2″ high, and has notes of sheer leafy greens, radiant pink peony blossoms, red fruits, soft sandalwood, citrus, ozone, oakmoss, amber, and white Cedar.

Pink Hope Ribbon Power Cuff – $20 – This bracelet is 2 1/4″ wide and has an inside diameter of 2.50″ X 2″ and is made of enamel, brass, zinc, and goldtone plating.

Pink Hope Oversized Floral Totebag – $30 – 17” high, 23” long, and 6 ½ deep of bold-patterned designed canvas with black accents, and has an inner zip pocket, 2 slip pockets, zip closure, and a leather-like base and a 9” handle drop.

Pink Hope Patterned Medium Bangle – $20 – These hinged bangles are goldtone with a unique pink pattern on the outside of either a floral burst or pink ribbons.

Pink Hope Jeweled Collar Necklace – $45 – This collar necklace is a bold, thick goldtone chain with a lobster claw clasp and is attached to chunky simulated jewels in a variety of pink colors. The jewels are in assorted shapes such as teardrop, oval, round, and cushion cut. The necklace is 18½“ long with a 3½” extender


There are more Pink Hope Breast Cancer Crusade Fundraiser products available here!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but the Avon Foundation for Women works all year long. Click here to donate in any $1.00 increments.



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we don't know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have. breast cancer awareness.



How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey Relief Bundles & Cash Donations


It’s been a week since Hurricane Harvey first made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 and started dumping water straight out of the Gulf into the areas now severely flooded due to over 50 inches of rain in some places in Houston alone. An estimated 13 million people are being effected by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana with rain still to come in surrounding states, causing additional expected flooding.


With approximately 30,000 people (or more) displaced in Texas shelters, many items are now needed, from paper towels to toiletry items. Among other groups also helping these victims, Avon has stepped up to the call and partnered with the American Red Cross to get your donation to where it’s needed.

We have two Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief options available for you through all Avon eRepresentatives online stores and you can purchase Disaster Relief Bundles, make a straight cash donation for any amount you want, or do both.

The cash donations and disaster relief bundles are tax-deductible.

The relief bundles are $10 each, tax-free, and contain items such as shampoo, deodorant, & shower gels. Avon will also take care of the shipping for you! The tax & shipping will show up in your cart, but you will not be charged.


Full details on both of these options.



Thank you for any and all help!

Beth Bailey



Avon can help with Fundraising

How an Avon Fundraiser Can Help Your Group

Avon Fundraisers have been successfully helping individuals and groups raise funds for many years!


put the fun in fundraising with Avon

Is your group needing or already planning to hold a fundraiser in the near future? Yes or maybe? Then you should consider having an Avon Fundraiser!

Avon can help with Fundraising

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, I offer organizations the opportunity to raise funds by selling Avon products. Its reputation for top-quality products opens doors and makes selling simple. Skin So Soft and Bubble Bath are just a few of America’s favorite products, and unlike gift wrap or candy bars, they are products the whole family needs.



With an Avon Fundraiser:

  • There’s minimal paperwork to complete.

  • There’s no up front merchandise for your group to buy.

  • Door-to-door selling isn’t needed. Participants can sell exclusively to families, neighbors, & friends and still produce a profitable fundraiser.

  • The average customer order is more than $15.

  • All products are backed by Avon’s satisfaction guarantee.

  • Your organization can have its money in hand in as little as 2-3 weeks.




Avon has been successfully involved in fundraisers all over the country with groups from daycares and sports leagues to religious institutes and schools. They have found that the brand-name recognition, the Avon Guarantee, and the fact that Avon has products for the entire family make for an extremely successful fundraiser. Fundraisers can be done for groups, organizations, and even for an individual.





What kind of materials would my group need to use?

Your group actually has a few options here for which products to sell, customizing the Avon Fundraiser to your group.


  • The 1st option is Avon’s fundraiser program, which has 3-5 different flyers your group can either choose from or combine. The kinds of flyers you can expect to see are one for makeup sets, another for, one for bath and body, and sometimes perfume/cologne sets. A couple of times a year, Avon also has a stuffed animal fundraiser flyer available which many groups use to provide stuffed animals to children while being able to keep the profits.

  • Your 2nd option is using our core brochure, mark. by Avon magalog, or our Living magalog. Products that are not manufactured by Avon would be excluded, as those are not guaranteed to be available. These are easily identifiable in the brochure with the symbol beside the product description in the brochure, but if your fundraiser is with me, I will cover those so that your participants and customers alike don’t unintentionally make that order.

  • Your 3rd option is an online fundraiser in which your customers order from my Avon eStore, which can used either by itself or in combination with either of the first 2 options. This is an easy way to earn money for your group and those supporting your group’s fundraiser will also be able to choose items that would not be available to them with a brochure or flyer fundraiser. Your group won’t even have to handle these orders and will receive credit for these orders when a special code that I provide you just for your group’s fundraiser or when your customer emails me their order confirmation number and the name of your group.



Other materials your group will handle during the fundraiser are money collection envelopes, product delivery bags, and customer thank you cards.





How much can you group earn?

Well, that depends on a few different things…


  • How many participants your group has and how much each participant commits to selling. 20 participants selling with 10 customers each (with an average customer order being $15) means your group’s fundraiser would total $3,000. If you are getting 35% of that, you’re earning $1,050!

  • The fundraiser option(s) you & your group choose to use. Fundraiser flyers will earn you 40%. Paper brochure and eBrochure fundraisers will depend on the sales total, giving you 20%-40%. Please note that with brochure fundraisers, non core products such as clothes, shoes, candles, home décor will generate 20% for your group. (Non-core products are denoted with a  beside the product name in the paper brochures.)

  • Your group bagging the orders (with me available to answer questions), will maintain your 40% earnings.



The graphic below shows what your group will earn at levels of 20%, 30%, 35%, & 40% with a brochure/online fundraiser totaling at least $1,600 (assumes all products purchased are core products). If your group does a brochure fundraiser and does not have at least a $1,600 fundraiser total, 40% earnings will not be possible and your earnings percentage will depend on what your fundraiser total actually is.





Does my group charge customers Sales Tax?

If your group or organization is a 501C3 non-profit, it is tax exempt and will not be charging sales tax to those who support your fundraiser. Proper documentation must be submitted to Avon through me to support this exemption claim or sales tax will come out of your profits, so please make sure you have it at the beginning of your fundraiser. The proper documentation is a copy of your tax exemption certificate and a statement typed on your organization letterhead stating your group is indeed tax exempt under 501c3.





If you would like to do an Avon Fundraiser but are not within a couple of hours of Ruston, Louisiana, I’m am still more than happy to help! An Avon Rep needs to be the one to submit fundraisers, so there are two options. We can do it all with me as the Representative or you can become an Avon Representative, conduct the fundraiser (with me walking you through it), and keep all 50% for your group!



(I cannot do fundraisers for you if you are not located inside the United States.)



When you decide on an Avon fundraiser, I’ll be with you every step of the way to make sure it’s a success.




Contact me to discuss your fundraiser and get you started earning money for your group, organization, or individual!



I look forward to helping you have a successful fundraiser soon!

Have a great day!

Beth Bailey









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avon is beauty makeup afforadable

Support the Fight Against Breast Cancer All Year Long

Show your support year round

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade Avon Walk 39 for the cure

As we close the official breast cancer awareness month, let’s not forget that support and research go on all year long.


In this 130th year of Avon empowering and supporting women, 2016 is also the year that Avon reached the milestone of $1 Billion in contributions to the Avon Foundation for Women for women’s causes. With over $800 million going to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade for breast cancer programs in over 50 countries, Avon is at the forefront in breast cancer research and access-to-care.



Support comes from straight donations and from purchasing Avon’s special Pink Ribbon products in which a portion of the purchase price goes to The Breast Cancer Crusade programs. There are several products that can be purchased to show others your support in the fight against breast cancer which also reminds them to support the cause as well.



For information on the Avon Walk 39 (as shown in the photo above) or to register for your own Walk, or to donate to a specific Walk 39 participant, team, or event, visit




Click here to give anywhere from $1 and up straight donation, purchase Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Products, or both. You can also click on the photos to the product shown. There are more than shown here. Due to popularity, some may be out of stock.



Intensive Moisture Foot Cream

avon breast cancer crusade illusions jewelry, necklace, bracelet, and earrings

Intensive Moisture Foot Cream

avon breast cancer crusade heart ribbon necklace




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