How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey Relief Bundles & Cash Donations


It’s been a week since Hurricane Harvey first made landfall in Texas as a Category 4 and started dumping water straight out of the Gulf into the areas now severely flooded due to over 50 inches of rain in some places in Houston alone. An estimated 13 million people are being effected by Harvey in Texas and Louisiana with rain still to come in surrounding states, causing additional expected flooding.


With approximately 30,000 people (or more) displaced in Texas shelters, many items are now needed, from paper towels to toiletry items. Among other groups also helping these victims, Avon has stepped up to the call and partnered with the American Red Cross to get your donation to where it’s needed.

We have two Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief options available for you through all Avon eRepresentatives online stores and you can purchase Disaster Relief Bundles, make a straight cash donation for any amount you want, or do both.

The cash donations and disaster relief bundles are tax-deductible.

The relief bundles are $10 each, tax-free, and contain items such as shampoo, deodorant, & shower gels. Avon will also take care of the shipping for you! The tax & shipping will show up in your cart, but you will not be charged.


Full details on both of these options.



Thank you for any and all help!

Beth Bailey



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