Makeup Brush Guide – What’s What and What They’re For

Makeup Brush Guide – What each one is for and what they look like



Avon Pro Makeup Brushes are professional-quality and have high-quality bristles. Use this guide to learn what the brushes look like and what they’re for or just as a refresher if it’s been a while. If you’re new to using more than a few makeup brushes, the variety may be a little confusing, so I hope this helps.




In the same order as on the graphic above, the makeup brushes are:

  • Cream Eyeshadow Brush – Use this to apply and smudge your cream eyeshadow for a smooth and sultry look

  • Bronzer Brush – Use this to evenly apply powdered bronzer, giving your face a natural bronze tone

  • Eyeliner Brush – Use the angled end for clean, precise eyeliner lines and the rounded end for smudging

  • Foundation Brush – Use this to smooth your liquid foundation evenly over the skin and blend in for a seamless complexion

  • Powder Brush – Use this to evenly apply both pressed and loose powders to ensure they go on lightly and smoothly across your face

  • Concealer Brush – Use for spot-on concealer application to create a flawless look and target unwanted skin blemishes

  • Blush Brush – Use this to dust your cheeks to help shape and define your face

  • Contour Brush – Use this to sculpt your contouring cream-to-powders and powders to create a strong, defined look with well-defined features

  • Kabuki Brush – Use this apply and blend face powders, evening out the complexion

  • Brow Brush – Use the comb/brush end to groom your eyebrows and the round brush end to separate and define your eye lashes

  • Crease Brush – Use this apply and contour the eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelids

  • Eyeshadow Brush – Use this for a smooth expert look when applying eyeshadow to your eyelids



  Features of Avon Pro Makeup Brushes

  • Black plastic handles

  • Brown nylon bristles



  Care of Avon Pro Makeup Brushes

  • Washable

  • As with all makeup brushes, don’t submerge these or even get them wet where the bristles connect to the handle or the glue will become ineffective!



* Even though Avon Pro Makeup Brushes are the featured brushes here, this guide applies to makeup brushes in general.




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