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Hi! I’m Beth Bailey and I’m the team Leader of Team Journey. If you’re reading this, then I know you are at least curious about being an Avon Representative and must have some questions about selling Avon, how much it costs, how much you can make, how to do it, what it takes. My goal here is to provide you with that info and more!


Everyone who becomes an Avon Representative does for their own reasons & goals. Some just to get their personal order discount, some to have extra income, and some because they’re tired of exchanging their time for money, working to make someone else rich, and are ready to be their own Boss. What they all have is access to a large support system to help them achieve their goals! That includes built-in resources through their Rep account on, my team website & Facebook Group and also many other Facebook Groups also geared to help support Avon Reps, virtual sales meetings & others training events online & in-person throughout the year.


Becoming an Avon Representative takes about 5 minutes. To join me & Avon Team Journey, click here to go to, fill out the online contract, and choose & pay for your Starter Kit. It’s that easy!


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avon starter kits


Becoming an Avon Representative is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. When you first land on the Avon Opportunity Page, your first step is filling out your information. (If you’re asked for a Reference Code, mine is bethbailey)

  2. Choose your Starter Kit. (** The choice of Starter Kits is given only once. New Reps will not have the opportunity to change kits once enrollment is submitted. **)

  3. Review your information for accuracy & choice of Starter Kit, pay for the kit, and click Submit!