Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil

Skin So Soft bath oil

Moisturize your skin while you bathe with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil. This bath oil is infused with jojoba, making it perfect for daily use. It has a fresh herbal scent sure to awaken and relax your senses. This is a luxury bath oil made to open your pores for maximum moisture absorption. Take dry or rough skin back to silky smooth faster than you thought possible. Skin So Soft original bath oil is great to use while bathing or for direct application afterward. It’s America’s favorite bath oil*… Why not yours, too?

• Luxury bath oil leaves skin feeling amazingly soft

• Soothes dry skin without irritation
• Fresh scent awakens and soothes your mind and body

• Add a small amount of oil to full bath and allow to disperse or apply to arms and legs, or wherever needed after bathing

Made in USA
*Based on mass-market sales.

Prices for Campaign 17 (next week) the 16.9floz bottle will be $11.99, the 25floz bottle will be $15.99, and the 5floz spray bottle will be $6.99.

For many more benefits & uses, check out my blog post 97 Uses for Skin So Soft Bath Oil



GLAMOUR Magazine says:
“This bath oil smells wonderful, and after adding a tablespoon to my bath, I was instantly relaxed. The light oil left my skin feeling ultra soft and velvety smooth. Best of all, it locks in much-needed moisture, so bath after bath, my skin stays nourished and looking healthy.”

Reviews for Skin So Soft bath oil – (these and many more can be found on this product’s page on my website)

– I have been using the original for forty-six years and still love it. I also put it on a cotton facial pad and stuff them in draws , summer or winter storage containers and my sleeping bags.

– This product is good to use for both men and women. Good for keeping mosquitos away :).

– I put this all over my skin while it’s still wet from my shower/bath. Then I just pat the water off with a towel. It moisturizes my skin and keeps insects away – and it still smells good! I love this stuff. Summer is not good without it.

– I love everything about Original Skin So soft. I have used it for more than 40 years daily. I would not go a day without using it. It has kept my skin soft, resilient and the lingering fragrance is great. Not only do I reap the benefits of soft skin and a great fragrance but it also repels mosquitoes. A plus in my book.




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