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Need Help Paying for Your Holidays Gifts?

Being an Avon Rep can help!



Many people join Avon just for the holidays, using the Representative discount to buy gifts for children, gifts for others and ourselves ūüėČ , decorations, holiday edition makeup sets, and more including stocking up on everyday needs such as bodywash, perfume & cologne, shampoo, and more!


Click here to become an Avon Representative



The Avon Representative What’s New brochure¬†shows us what’s coming up, helps us plan our campaigns, and yes, we as Reps can buy from these demo books! Buying from the demo books¬†ahead of the campaign the products¬†will be in the main brochure allows us to show them off and get people interested.


The Avon What’s New 24, 2016¬†and full of holiday best-sellers and must-haves! Look through the Campaign 24 What’s New to catch a really big glimpse of what we have in store!¬†For new reps, it goes a little differently for the first six campaigns. Click here to read about Avon‚Äôs KickStart New Representative Program.


We are currently in selling Campaign 22, 2016,¬†so if you enroll right now, you will be able to get in on these Campaign 24 holiday deals! How¬†great is it¬†when you’re able¬†to buy what you want and need¬†at a discount?! Everyone loves great products at a discount! Want to make it free? Share your brochures with others, get their contact information so you can follow up with them, and their orders will either give your further discount or eliminate your cost altogether!



Who knows… maybe you’ll find it’s¬†even better¬†than you thought!



I hope to be working with you soon to achieve your goals but if you’re not interested and would rather shop:




FREE SHIPPING Every Time on each $40 or more order (before tax), even on special offer orders and no coupon code needed!



Three Ways to Shop

  • Shop my Avon eStore¬†– Browse my entire online Avon¬†store, shop by departments, and add items to your shopping bag along the way.

  • Shop by product number¬†– If you already know the product numbers for what you want (maybe with an Avon brochure in front of you), you can quickly enter the product numbers. This also allows you to backorder from my previous two Avon campaigns by selecting which campaign number you want.




Looking for current coupon codes and sales?

  • You can also sign up for eNewsletters on my eStore to¬†receive notice of coupon codes and sales. Just look for the red and black mascara on my website.


  • Click here to check my blog page just for coupon codes and sales.




Have a great day, y’all! ūüíč

Your Avon Lady,

Beth Bailey


ūüφ Remember!¬†If you would like for me to be your Avon Lady, check¬†your Avon¬†account settings if you haven’t already,¬†to make sure you are¬†registered as an¬†eCustomer with me serving as your Avon Representative. Here’s how to do that.


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