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Why You Might Should Buy Direct Sales Products Only From Direct Sales Reps

Sometimes, buying from an online auction site isn’t a good idea…


When shopping around for products we need, online auction websites can be good places to browse through, to try to find a decent price. I shop some of those websites myself. But did you know there are some reasons why you might should not buy certain products from those site, products you can otherwise buy from a direct sales representative?


  • Did you know that if you buy direct sales products via a website not Avon or an active Avon Representative, there is no guarantee from the original company? Avon offers a money back guarantee on all its products bought directly from your Avon Representative.

  • Many times a representative has been scammed, and it’s the scammer that is actually selling those items. This undermines the legitimate Representative who was scammed.

  • There is also no guarantee on how fresh the products are. Certain products, such as those with an SPF, have an expiration date.

  • To safeguard both their Reps and customers, most direct selling companies have strict rules AGAINST selling their products on online auction websites. If you purchase through a non-Avon website/active Avon Rep, you don’t actually know where the product is coming from.

  • Since it is against most direct selling companys’ policy, this practice of selling products undercuts the Representatives who are abiding by their company’s rules and guidelines. Not to say that inactive reps won’t try to make you happy but active direct sales representatives want your continuing business and will do their best to keep you happy.

  • If you have a bad experience with an auction website seller, you may not have any recourse or be able to reconcile the problem. You may get stuck with an old skincare product or some other defective product.

You can protect yourself while also respecting the rules and guidelines that active direct sales representatives abide by! Find and order from a representative of the company you wish to buy from. You are much safer that way!


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