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Why and How to Make Your Self-Employment Public on Facebook

Why & how to make your self-employment public on Facebook

Why & how to make your self-employment public on Facebook

Can everyone see your self-employment information on Facebook, even if they’re not on your Friends’ list? You want them to!  Why? If you have an online business, having an online presence is crucial. Having your self-employment public on your personal Facebook timeline will help promote your business even when you’re not online.



While Facebook isn’t the end-all, be-all for an online presence, it has almost 1.8 billion users and has become a search engine in it’s own right, so it certainly helps to utilize what you have. Not everyone opts to have a social media account, but if you do and it’s on Facebook, are you making the most of your Timeline to promote your business? I’m not talking about posting about your business 5 times a day so that you are always showing up in your Friends Newsfeed. Too much of that and it could become a problem to them (I know it would mine!). I’m talking about something very simple that I stumbled upon on my own timeline that I think you need to be doing, too: making it possible for even those who aren’t your Facebook Friends to see your business just by glancing at your About section on your personal timeline.



Here’s how you achieve that: On your Facebook Timeline, go to your About section, go into Work & Education, click on Edit. If you haven’t already added your self-employment to your employment section, do that now. You can add your website URL(s) to the description box. If you have a Facebook Page for your business (if you don’t, why not?), you can indicate your Page as your “Employer” by starting to type the name of your Page & selecting it when it pops up. That little  audience drop-down box beside Employer, make sure you select Public instead of leaving it at Friends so that everyone can see your employment even if they’re not your Facebook friends. Make sure you click “Save Changes” and “Done Editing”!



On the other side of that same page, in your Contact Information: Websites section, add your website URL(s). You can add up to six URLs. In the audience drop-down box right beside that, click Public instead of leaving it at Friends. Make sure you click “Save”!



There – you’re done! Now, everyone can see you’re self-employed, what services/products you can provide them, and they can easily access your Facebook Page from your personal timeline!



*Originally posted 12.27.2013, Updated 1.13.2017.



Have a great day, y’all!

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