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Beauty Resolutions Collection for Campaign 2, 2018

Beauty Resolutions Collection for Campaign 2, 2018

Avon Campaign 2 beauty resolutions collection. cosmetics bag, anew ultimate day cream, ultimate cream cleanser

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve and Day! Many of us have started working to achieve our goals for 2018 and your resolution for beautiful skin is in the bag!


For Campaign 2, 2018, our special order bonus is the Beauty Resolutions Collection, that will help you get started on your beauty goals! This collection is valued at $32 and it can be yours for only $10* in addition with your $40+ online order (and free shipping for $40+ orders)!


The Beauty Resolutions Collection contains:

1 – Cosmetics bag featuring this exclusive Avon cosmetic-print on cotton canvas and is fully lined! This bag is 7 1/4″ long, 5 1/4″ high, and 3 1/2″ deep! This is not a tiny bag!

1 – Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 25 mini to help you visibly diminish multiple signs of aging and plump out the look of wrinkles!

1 – Ultimate Cream Cleanser mini is a luxurious cream cleanser that gently removes dirt while restoring moisture!


* Special set price of $10 will be reflected in your order bag once you’ve selected a minimum of $40 from Campaign 2, 2018.


Three Ways to Shop

  • Shop my Avon eStore – Browse my entire online Avon store, shop by departments, and add items to your shopping bag along the way.
  •  Shop my online Avon brochure – Browse the current Avon brochure and add items to your shopping bag as you go. You can also shop this option by departments.
  •  Shop by product number – If you already know the product numbers for what you want (maybe with an Avon brochure in front of you), you can quickly enter the product numbers. This also allows you to backorder from my previous two Avon campaigns by selecting which campaign number you want.



Have a great day! ūüíč

Your Avon Lady,

Beth Bailey

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FAQs About Selling Avon


Avon Campaign 2 beauty resolutions collection.. cosmetics bag, anew ultimate day cream, ultimate cream cleanser

Avon RepFest 2017 Update 1/2017

Avon RepFest ’17 Information Update, as of January 2017

Avon RepFest 2017 in Nashville


Avon Representatives, we have more information on the Avon RepFest 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to pass it along to you!




What we already knew


This year’s conference will 3 days of fun & excitement on Saturday August 5 through Monday August 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Gaylord Opryland Resort will be our host hotel.




Not an Avon Rep yet? That’s okay! Become an Avon Representative here!




The New Stuff


Conference registration will open soon February 1, 2017 and is $139 per Representative. There will be room at RepFest for only 6,000 Reps, so get your registration submitted online via your Rep account at YourAvon.com as soon as possible! If you have a guest or co-applicant who will also be attending, their registration will also be $139. They will receive the same goodie bag and conference access as you!


Early Bird Registration is February 1st until March 31st for the discounted price of $99!



Hotel¬†rooms at The Gaylord Opryland Resort have been blocked off and deeply discounted just for Avon Representatives at $169. That’s $120 cheaper than their normal rate! You will be able to reserve a single, double, triple, or quad. If you bunk with other Avon Reps, the cost will be split between you, costing you even less!


If $169 per night is still out of your budget, there are several hotels within walking distance of the Gaylord that offer rooms for¬†less than $100 per night. And Nashville does have an RV park, if you wish to camp.¬†If you choose to stay at the Gaylord, you must register for the conference first before booking your room! That is the only way you’ll get the Avon Rep room discount. If you’re staying at a near-by hotel, you can go ahead and book it and will get to lock it in before they’re all gone!




Goodie Bags¬†are Avon’s way of both thanking you for attending and you can use the free products in them however you want – for your personal use or to give away or to sell! This year’s goodie bags are worth $150 each!


You can bring a guest to the conference if you wish. For them to receive a goodie bag and be able to attend the training seminars and such, they will need to be registered conference guest.




Seminars & workshops¬†are an important part of Avon RepFest.¬†This year’s seminar/workshop¬†list hasn’t been¬†finalized yet, but we all look forward to seeing it! Last year’s RepFest¬†was the first to¬†have a seminar for the non-Rep husbands or other guest who wanted to know a little more about Avon Rep life and how they could help support the Rep.




If you will need to book an airplane ticket to get there, it will be cheaper to go ahead and book it now rather than wait.




The annual Avon¬†conference¬†gives us the chance to¬†see old friends¬†& meet many¬†new ones, no matter what our sales level is, no matter if we have a team or not! This will also be your opportunity to¬†be among¬†the first to see Avon’s newest products and innovations at the “product palooza”, as well getting in on some awesome training¬†to help you¬†build your Avon business.



To join me and become an Avon Representative, visit BossLifeForMe.com  and start your own Avon business!



If you like my post or find it helpful/valuable at all, please take a moment to Like & Share it! That would be amazing!




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Have a great day and I hope to see you there!

Beth Bailey


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FAQs About Selling Avon

15 most commonly asked questions about selling Avon


It’s normal for those interested in becoming¬†a direct sales representative¬†to have questions¬†about¬†what it is like to be with that company. This is a list of¬†15 commonly asked questions about becoming¬†and being an Avon Representative. Click here to join Avon now.

1. How much does it cost to get started? When enrolling, you will have a choice of 3 starter kits and each is designed to help you accomplish the goals you have. It costs just $25 to join Avon and there kit upgrades available at the time of enrollment.


2. What materials will I receive when I sign up? With the $25 starter kit, you will receive 44 Avon brochures & magalogs, 4 full-size products, and 10 samples, and sales tools. If you choose to upgrade to the $50 or $100 starter kits, you will more products and samples. The $100 starter kit also includes more brochures & magalogs. Of course, you will also receive sales training.


3. What is a selling campaign? One selling campaign is the two-week period during which a customer can order and there are 26 Campaigns. Your award sales accumulate all year Campaign to Campaign.


4. How much can I make selling Avon? You earn 40% commission on beauty products in your orders for your first¬†7 campaigns when you meet your New Rep Sales Goals. After that initial introduction period, you’ll¬†earn on the regular 20%-40%¬†commission scale, depending on your order amount. Avon’s new representative program is updated once or twice a year and¬†includes different benefits. If and when you reach President’s Club, you will then earn 40%-50% on all sales for the rest of that sales cycle and for the whole next sales cycle.


5. Do I have to keep products on hand? With Avon, you’re never required to keep product inventory. Although many find it beneficial to keep some on hand.


6. How often do I place an order? Representative regular order dates are once every two weeks, according to your zip code. Additional orders are okay but will acquire additional shipping. Your Rep account will still¬†remain active with no orders¬†for 4 Campaigns but then you won’t have brochures. Any eStore sales you receive will keep your account active, even if you are unable to make an order from your back office (rep account site).


7. How long does it take to receive my order once its placed? Generally, you’ll receive your order within 2-3 business days after the order is submitted. Avon Representatives can track our order shipments through the My Orders page on¬†our Rep websites.


8. How do I receive future brochures? After receiving your starter kit, you will be responsible for ordering your books.¬†Every two weeks, when you place a product order, you need to also purchase your future brochures. We buy the brochures two campaigns ahead, so if you’re in Campaign 15, you’ll be buying Campaign 17. If you missed your last regular order,¬†you can backorder brochures to cover the campaign order you missed.


9. Do I have to pay for shipping, or do my customers pay a shipping fee? As long as you place your order on-time, you will pay one shipping fee regardless of number of boxes or weight. If you place more than one order per campaign, you will pay additional shipping for the extra order. If you order only selling tools such as brochures, you can call the Avon Representative customer service and the shipping fee may be waived. You also have the option of charging your customers a nominal fee which will help you cover your shipping. Some reps charge, $0.75, some $1,50, some anything in-between or nothing at all.


10. How do I pay for my order? You can pay by check, money order, credit card, or enroll¬†online in our “one-click” payment system Avon QuickPay which takes the payment directly from your checking account. Please note that paying via check or money order¬†will take much longer than by credit card or QuickPay.


11. Am I required to attend meetings? No, meeting attendance is not required but they can assist you in making connections and building your business.


12. Do I have to have parties? You can if you want to, but no, you’re not required to have any parties. Many Avon Reps choose to have parties. It is all about how you choose to manage your business.


13. Will I be restricted to a territory? No, Avon USA Representatives do not have territories, can sell to anyone within the United States, and with the internet, selling Avon is easier than ever.


14. What happens after I sign up?¬†Soon after you sign up, you will receive a welcome email and a phone call from me. We¬†can set up a time for a meeting to coach you through the following steps. You will need to go to www.youravon.com to register your representative account. After that, you can then sign in, opt-in as an e-representative, place your first order, begin the online training provided by Avon, and customize your website to sell products online, and choose other ways to manage your business. I’ll be available to answer questions you may have.


15. How do I sign up? Sign up is an easy and secure online process that takes about 5 minutes to complete. You will need to sign up online at BossLifeForMe.com, where you will be prompted for your name and information.¬†You should be able to register your brand new Avon Representative account online¬†within approximately 24 hours.¬†To register your Rep account, you’ll need¬†your Representative account number and District number, which will be¬†included in your initial email from Avon upon joining.



If you are interested in selling Avon and have a question about selling Avon that I haven’t answered here, feel free to ask.



Have a great day and I look forward to a successful partnership!

Beth Bailey ūüíč

ūüíĄ LipstickShoesAndMore.com







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If you prefer to just shop:

Three Ways to Shop

  • Shop my Avon eStore¬†– Browse my entire online Avon¬†store, shop by departments, and add items to your shopping bag along the way.

  • Shop by product number¬†– If you already know the product numbers for what you want (maybe with an Avon brochure in front of you), you can quickly enter the product numbers. This also allows you to backorder from my previous two Avon campaigns by selecting which campaign number you want.


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