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Espira Health and Wellness by Avon Launches Soon!

Espira Health and Wellness by Avon Launches Soon!

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I’m so excited to introduce you to Espira, our health and wellness line! With Espira, you’ll reset your metabolism with our Boost line, restore & promote your natural radiance with our Glow line, and improve your overall health with our Restore line.


For both men & women, Espira by Avon is our health and wellness line that is designed by nature, inspired by you. Espira launches in January 2018. Click here to let us know to notify you as soon as it’s available!


Made with the highest quality, naturally sourced whole foods & super foods.
💙 Ingredients are NON-GMO and are clinically studied.
💚 NO preservatives.
💛 NO artificial colors or flavors.
💜 Created by leading nutrition-industry experts.


Our Espira line has three different systems, each designed to help support you from the inside out. Here’s an overview of them.


The Espira Boost product line consists of two types of products. The first is Natural Energy which has a plant-based formula with ingredients to boost energy and focus without jitters. The second is our Metabolism Boost System which consists of four products that are designed to provide support for a healthy metabolism and addresses the elements of keeping yours operating at its prime. This system includes supplements to help promote calorie burning (along with reduced dietary intake and exercise), reduce hunger and cravings, cleanse your system, and there’s also a plant-based protein to help with snacking!


The Espira Glow product line is a triple-action complete beauty system consisting of two products. This system provides natural support around the clock for healthy, younger-looking skin, hair, and nails for real results you can see in 30 days!


The Espira Restore product line consists of eight products to choose from. with vitamins and botanicals to help you handle occasional stress without drowsiness, relax your body and mind to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better, and daily essential vitamins and multivitamins for both men, women, and women 40+.


Espira by Avon



There’s FREE SHIPPING on each $40 or more order!


Three Ways to Shop

Shop my Avon eStore – Browse my entire online Avon store, shop by departments, and add items to your shopping bag along the way.

Shop my online Avon brochure – Browse the current Avon brochure and add items to your shopping bag as you go. You can also shop this option by departments.

Shop by product number – If you already know the product numbers for what you want (maybe with an Avon brochure in front of you), you can quickly enter the product numbers. This also allows you to backorder from my previous two Avon campaigns by selecting which campaign number you want.



Have a great day! 💋

Your Avon Lady,

Beth Bailey

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