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Hashtags – A Basic Understanding

Hashtags – A Basic Understanding

Hashtags - A Basic Understanding, what are hastags, how do I use hashtags,Beth Bailey's Avon Blog ~ LipstickShoesAndMore.net

Are you using hashtags to expand your reach on social media? If not, you might should start!


Hashtag? What the heck is a hashtag? You’ve seen it before… maybe as what most of us think of as a pound sign, the symbol that comes in front a number, the symbol we all use to use (many still do, including me! lol) instead of the word number, or literally as what comes behind a number to tell you how many pounds something weighs! That’s right… this “#”. If you’re not using hashtags in your social media posts yet, or if you are new, here’s a little bit about them I hope helps you! This is by NO MEANS advanced expert advice – just information for a basic understanding of what they are and how to get started with them!


Hashtags are searchable topics on social media. They are a word or group of words with no spaces in-between them, no special characters, no punctuation, and the # symbol in front of it. Using relevant and authentic #Hashtags strategically will bring people to you and your brand who may not already be following you or even be aware of you yet.


Hashtags actually started on Twitter but then expanded to Facebook, Google+, even more so on Instagram, and now LinkedIn and Pinterest are coming on board. When someone searches a topic, they can see any post you’ve used that hashtag in. Since they’re usually listed with the newest at the top, if yours is a highly competitive hashtag (which is not necessarily a bad thing), it can sometimes be hard to spot.


Hashtag subjects can be broad such as #Shopping, #Business, #SelfEmployed, or #Entrepreneur, or they may be more on-point like #FacebookBusinessTips, #AvonRep, #BloggerMom, or #HowToHashtag. You can also create your own that represent your very own brand or even a cause that you may want to raise funds or awareness for. When creating a post you’re using hashtags in, I’ve found it’s usually best to use a combination of broad and specific so that you can reach audiences that are new to you and your brand as well as those who already specifically looking for the kinds of products and/or services you have to offer. And remember, every.single.post you put out could be someone’s first impression of you.


The only platforms I use and my personal experience with hashtags has been…


  • On Facebook, I’ve seen I can use up to about 5 hashtags before the algorithm starts dropping me. I keep reading “reports” that say Facebook penalizes hashtags but my experience has not reflected that. For example, I may have a post with zero hashtags that reach very few or a good bit and the same is said for some of mine that have 5 or 6 hashtags. I’ve come to think it’s not necessarily the number of hashtags I have in it, but maybe a combination in the number of people looking for the content and people looking for the hashtag. Hashtags here must exactly match the search terms people are looking for. If you use them on your personal profile, your post audience setting determines who on Facebook can see it (Friends means only your Friends ca find them and Public means everyone can). In a Closed Group, only those belonging to the Group can search and find them, while anyone can see them in a Public Group. Since all posts on a business Page are public, all of your hashtagged posts there can be found.


  • On Google+, I usually just stick with the same ones I post on Facebook, although there isn’t really a limit to the number of hashtags you can use. Hashtags here don’t have to exactly match how people are searching and their ranking is based on how popular the hashtag is instead of how recent it is. Also, search results will also show topics *related* to your hashtag. With Google+ hashtags, do try to stick with telling Google what your post is about (ex: #BusinessTips) rather than a location you are at, as those don’t seem to work as well.


  • On Instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags in the post and per comment! Instagram can greatly expand your network because of that. If you use your maximum number of hashtags on Instagram, it’s better to either do them at the bottom of the post with a lot of space between your content and the hashtags or for an even cleaner post look, to put them in the comments.


  • On LinkedIn, hashtags only really became “clickable” this year and are catching the kind of attraction here that they have on other platforms. It’s still not clear how many hashtags to use in a LinkedIn post, so I’ll be sticking with 1-3.


  • Until VERY recently, Pinterest (which is actually not a social media platform but a search engine) has totally discouraged users from using hashtags unless it was one that was brand-specific. Now, Pinterest seems to finally be gearing up for hashtags! They are beginning to not only have clickable hashtags in Pin descriptions but also pulling up a list of other similar hashtags while you are keying in your hashtag. It is still unclear exactly how we will see them on this platform or how many are recommended, so I’d say for now, start with about 3-5 hashtags. Their algorithm penalizes any Pin it considers spammy, hence a Pin with keyword-stuff hashtags will be down on the totem pole, so to speak so don’t go crazy.


With hashtags and these platforms, experiment for yourself and you’ll start seeing how useful they are! I hope that I’ve at least given you a basic understanding of what hashtags are and how to start using them.



Have a great day! đź’‹

Beth Bailey

Wife, Mama, Avon Representative, Mentor, and Fundraiser Specialist


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4 girls shopping clipart




Avon RepFest 2017 Update 1/2017

Avon RepFest ’17 Information Update, as of January 2017

Avon RepFest 2017 in Nashville


Avon Representatives, we have more information on the Avon RepFest 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee and I want to pass it along to you!




What we already knew


This year’s conference will 3 days of fun & excitement on Saturday August 5 through Monday August 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee. The Gaylord Opryland Resort will be our host hotel.




Not an Avon Rep yet? That’s okay! Become an Avon Representative here!




The New Stuff


Conference registration will open soon February 1, 2017 and is $139 per Representative. There will be room at RepFest for only 6,000 Reps, so get your registration submitted online via your Rep account at YourAvon.com as soon as possible! If you have a guest or co-applicant who will also be attending, their registration will also be $139. They will receive the same goodie bag and conference access as you!


Early Bird Registration is February 1st until March 31st for the discounted price of $99!



Hotel rooms at The Gaylord Opryland Resort have been blocked off and deeply discounted just for Avon Representatives at $169. That’s $120 cheaper than their normal rate! You will be able to reserve a single, double, triple, or quad. If you bunk with other Avon Reps, the cost will be split between you, costing you even less!


If $169 per night is still out of your budget, there are several hotels within walking distance of the Gaylord that offer rooms for less than $100 per night. And Nashville does have an RV park, if you wish to camp. If you choose to stay at the Gaylord, you must register for the conference first before booking your room! That is the only way you’ll get the Avon Rep room discount. If you’re staying at a near-by hotel, you can go ahead and book it and will get to lock it in before they’re all gone!




Goodie Bags are Avon’s way of both thanking you for attending and you can use the free products in them however you want – for your personal use or to give away or to sell! This year’s goodie bags are worth $150 each!


You can bring a guest to the conference if you wish. For them to receive a goodie bag and be able to attend the training seminars and such, they will need to be registered conference guest.




Seminars & workshops are an important part of Avon RepFest. This year’s seminar/workshop list hasn’t been finalized yet, but we all look forward to seeing it! Last year’s RepFest was the first to have a seminar for the non-Rep husbands or other guest who wanted to know a little more about Avon Rep life and how they could help support the Rep.




If you will need to book an airplane ticket to get there, it will be cheaper to go ahead and book it now rather than wait.




The annual Avon conference gives us the chance to see old friends & meet many new ones, no matter what our sales level is, no matter if we have a team or not! This will also be your opportunity to be among the first to see Avon’s newest products and innovations at the “product palooza”, as well getting in on some awesome training to help you build your Avon business.



To join me and become an Avon Representative, visit BossLifeForMe.com  and start your own Avon business!



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Have a great day and I hope to see you there!

Beth Bailey


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How Much Does it Cost to Sell Avon?

How much does it cost to sell Avon?

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Avon


As with any business, there are some costs to selling Avon, but it’s not as much as you might think!


I believe everyone should have as much information as they can get to be able make an informed decision and that includes being up front about the costs with anyone who is interested in selling Avon. I will do my best to cover that here!


Avon is one of the lowest (if not *the* lowest) start-ups in direct sales. Avon Reps have a free website we can sell from 24/7. We have access to free training on our Representative website and at sales meetings. We don’t have to order every campaign. As long as your order is at least $50 before taxes & shipping, you earn money. There are no quotas to make or inventory to keep.


You will be responsible for paying for your starter kit, brochures, rep order shipping, and other business tools such as samples and product delivery bags.



Starter Kits

There are three starter kits to choose from and each is shipped to you for free. While you can purchase whichever one you want, each is designed to help you depending on what your goals are. The Quick Starter is $25, the Advanced is $50, and the Premium is $100.

New Rep Starter Kits Quick Reference Guide Beth Bailey BossLifeForMe.com



Avon Brochures are our store. You don’t have to buy any, but without them, your store is essentially closed. Brochures are bought in packs of 10 in your choice of English or Spanish. You can certainly buy 1 pack of each if you want or need to. The cost of brochures depends on how many packs of 10 you buy and the more you buy, the less each brochure costs.


They currently start out at about $6.50 for the first pack. You can also order mark. magalogs, Avon Living magalogs, Outlet brochures, and other seasonal brochures all by packs of 5 or 10. It’s okay to start out with what you can afford. Just try to increase a little each campaign. (Avon adjusts the costs of brochures once every 2 or 3 years, so the amount seen above may no longer be accurate.)




Another thing we as Avon Reps pay for is the shipping for our bulk orders. Our shipping cost doesn’t depend on how many boxes there are or how much the order weighs – just on whether or not it is a late order or an additional order, meaning you are ordering past your Representative order due date or you have already placed a campaign order and then go back and place a second order.


For on-time orders up to $399.99, shipping is $6. If your order is late or an additional order, shipping is $10. For all on-time orders of $400 and up, shipping is $9. If that order is either an additional or late order, shipping is $13.


Each time you place an order, shipping will be charged so make sure everything you need is in that regular order. Also, if you are ordering only brochures and/or other sales tools such as samples or product delivery bags, you can call Avon customer service and may get the shipping cost waived.



Demos, Samples, and other Sales Tools

Samples are another staple of an Avon business and are strongly recommended because they give your customers a way to try certain products before they buy. Avon has many samples at a nominal cost, so you. For example, most of our perfume/cologne samples are $1.25 for a pack of 12.


Demos definitely aren’t a must. However, demos are full-size products and give an added experience for the customer, since they get to also see & handle the product packaging such as the pretty perfume bottle. There’s an exclusive Avon Reps catalog we can buy demos from for an even bigger discount than if we buy from the brochure at whatever order level we’re at that campaign.


Don’t go overboard and try to buy all the samples and demos you see! Just like the brochures, it’s okay to start out buying what you can afford while working up a little more when you can!



Tip: You can use full-size products to create samples that aren’t available through Avon!



Other sales tools you will be responsible for yourself are your product delivery bags and clear literature bags you may find you want.



Click here to sign up to become an Avon Representative.



Other things you might want to invest in to help your business are tools like business cards. You can get deals on business cards at affordable prices and are a good investment to start with. Other things you can work up to are maybe a name badge, customized shirt, or even signage. None of these are a must to start out with. They can wait unless & until you have the funds to spend on them without sacrificing the business tools you DO need, like brochures!



Have a great day and I look forward to a successful partnership!

Beth Bailey









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Buy Avon Online

Sign Up to Sell Avon


avon is the company that



10 Reasons to Become an Avon Rep

10 Reasons to Become an Avon Rep

10 reasons to be an avon rep

Do you need extra income to make ends meet? Would you like to earn full-time pay with part-time hours and spend more time with your family? Are you tired of having a j-o-b?


Would it be worth your while if you could bring in an extra $500 a month? What about $1,000? Why not make a career of it and make even more? You can with AVON!


Need more reasons to be an Avon Rep? Okay! Here’s 10 of them!

1. Only $25 to start, with starter kit upgrades available. Get your New Rep Kit from Avon in about a week. Start up fee depends on which of the 3 starter kits you choose. The other two kit options are $50 and $100.

2. Free Website – This means you can sell online nationwide 24/7 and you get to customize it.

3. Free Training – Avon offers each Rep Avon University training via the rep account. In addition, receive free training at various events in your District and Region.

4. No requirement to keep inventory.

5. Take orders when, where, and how you want. There are no territories, so there are no boundaries inside the U.S.

6. In-home parties aren’t mandatory.

7. Great incentive programs – recognition, health care program, trips, and fun. Avon has handed out VW Beetles, Keurigs, trips to Hawaii, Walt Disney World, & more and they continue to do so.

8. See all the great new products and gifts, and order them when you want – up to two months before the brochures go out to the customers.

9. Starting your own business in direct sales gives you an additional stream of income.

10. Have a busy life and don’t think you have time? No need to change your lifestyle – just give an Avon brochure to the people you already see.


Why not YOU?  Why not TODAY?


To become an Avon Rep and start being your own boss, visit BossLifeForMe.com.

For more info: info on selling Avon



Have a great day and I look forward to a successful partnership!

Beth Bailey