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Avon’s KickStart New Representative Program

KickStart Your Avon Sales Business

become an avon rep we give you the opportunity you make rewarding work online set your own hours earn

Avon’s new and improved New Representative Program, known as KickStart, begins September 16, 2016. There are changes coming that are designed to improve the new rep experience.


To become an Avon Representative, visit my Start page at bethbailey.avonrepresentative.com/opportunity/start


The Starter Kits are getting seriously updated!

Anyone becoming an Avon Representative will have not one but three Starter Kits to choose from! You can take our optional quiz to help you choose the Starter Kit based on your needs and the goals you have for your business. I encourage you to review the starter kits and their features in the 3 photos just below and to take the quiz at the time of enrollment, since both together will help you to know which kit you should get.








Which Starter Kit you will receive is a choice you make at the time of enrollment only. They are not available to be ordered later and are limited to only one per Representative. There will be plenty of bundle opportunities for you to take advantage of in your coming Campaigns. These additional opportunities to get key product bundles at Representative-only prices are to assist you in achieving your business goals.


Once new representative enrollment is completed, your Starter Kit will ship out to you directly from Avon. The Starter Kit must be paid for in full before shipping. You should receive it in within three to four business days. In the meantime, you should set up and personalize your eStore. It does not take much time and is worth it to be able to have customers shop with you online. Sharing your eStore with family and friends on social media is the perfect way to start promoting your new Avon business.


Starter Kits shipping to new Representatives in Alaska, Hawaii, or Guam may take up to 7-8 business days. If you are a Trendsetter Representative, your advance literature will come to you as a separate shipment if it is not available at the time your Starter Kit ships out.



Achieving the 3 following components can result in you earning $1,000 in your first 90 Days.

1 – Sales

Earnings for new representatives has been redrafted to encourage building your business, begins in your 1st Campaign and ends with your 6th. You will receive a minimum of 40% earnings when you meet the sales goal for that Campaign. The 40% earnings will be for all products sales. This includes products in any and all of the brochures, all direct delivery orders you receive (customers buying from your online store and this is usually 20-25% earnings*), even fixed earnings items (which are normally 20-25% earnings*).

The sales goals do not include tax nor our One Simple Fee shipping cost. All of your online order, direct delivery orders, sales center orders, and regular representative delivery orders count toward your per-Campaign sales total.

Avon KickStart new rep earnings sales goals

If you miss a sales goal, no worries – you are still in the KickStart program! You will not have to go straight to the sliding scale from here on out. Each Campaign stands alone and you can achieve the 40% earnings even if you miss a previous sales goal. Any Campaigns where you miss the goal, your earnings will be:

Avon KickStart new rep earnings when sales goals aren't met


If, in any of the 6 KickStart Campaigns, you over-achieve your sales goal to a total of $925-$1574.99, your discount on all full-earnings products go up to 45%! If your total is at least $1575, then you earn 50% on all full-earnings products!



2 – Recruiting

In addition to the Sales Component, as a new representative you will qualify for a $50 bonus for each Qualified KickStart Recruit referred during your first 6 Campaigns. The QKR must have a first order of $150 or more and pay for it on time within their first 30 days of enrollment.


3 – KickStart Performance Bonus

When you achieve all of your sales goals and recruit at least 3 Qualified KickStart Recruits within your 1st 6 Campaigns, you will earn an additional $200 bonus. This bonus will be paid out at the close of your 6th Campaign, as long as all of your sales goals and recruiting criteria were met and your own account is active and in good standing.




There are more changes happening. You can find those in Avon All Aboard with Onboarding.


IMPORTANT EDIT – DON’T LEAVE THIS OUT OF YOUR READ: I unintentionally left out one very important thing! While I have mentioned starting Avon online over and over, the first reason September 16, 2016 is so important is because as of that date, new Avon Representatives can come onboard only online. Avon Leaders no longer have to buy and maintain starter kits. No more paper contracts to have to fill out and send in to Avon. In-person onboarding can still be accomplished as long as someone has a computer and internet. Smartphones and tablets count. Payment is now made only to Avon and only by credit/debit card (pre-paid cards count).



To become an Avon Representative, go to BossLifeForMe.com



Have a great day and I hope to help you get started soon!

Beth Bailey



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