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Prima Noir Eau de Parfum – Fun and Playful Yet Always Graceful

Introducing Our Newest Women’s Perfume – Prima Noir Eau de Parfum, Fun and Playful Yet Always Graceful


First Prima Eau de Parfum and now Prima Noir Eau de Parfum – both inspired by the strength and gracefulness of prima ballerinas… 


Where Prima brings to mind style and classic ballet with delicate feminine notes, Prima Noir inspires fun and playful yet always graceful with warm, indulgent feminine notes.


Prima Noir has a top note of fragrant and floral violet, an opulent middle note of jasmine, and a dry note of delicate vanilla.



Reviews for Prima Noir Eau de Parfum

Rated 5 Stars (4 Reviews)

– I like to wear a scent daily to work, but nothing too strong or overpowering. This fits the bill. I think it smells great but doesn’t overwhelm. Besides the actual cologne, I’ve used the body wash and lotion– both also great.

– Love the violet playing off the vanilla scent and then the jasmine coming in to give it a very rich smell to it. Nice one Avon. You have a great eau de parfum here that should go a long way. Price is great as well. Nice one to have in your perfume arsenal for when you need that extra oomph in a scent.

– I am VERY fussy when it come to fragrances but I really love this perfume!! It is a wonderful floral mixture that lasts all day.


Prima Noir Eau de Parfum


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