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10 Reasons to Become an Avon Rep

10 Reasons to Become an Avon Rep

10 reasons to be an avon rep

Do you need extra income to make ends meet? Would you like to earn full-time pay with part-time hours and spend more time with your family? Are you tired of having a j-o-b?


Would it be worth your while if you could bring in an extra $500 a month? What about $1,000? Why not make a career of it and make even more? You can with AVON!


Need more reasons to be an Avon Rep? Okay! Here’s 10 of them!

1. Only $25 to start, with starter kit upgrades available. Get your New Rep Kit from Avon in about a week. Start up fee depends on which of the 3 starter kits you choose. The other two kit options are $50 and $100.

2. Free Website – This means you can sell online nationwide 24/7 and you get to customize it.

3. Free Training – Avon offers each Rep Avon University training via the rep account. In addition, receive free training at various events in your District and Region.

4. No requirement to keep inventory.

5. Take orders when, where, and how you want. There are no territories, so there are no boundaries inside the U.S.

6. In-home parties aren’t mandatory.

7. Great incentive programs – recognition, health care program, trips, and fun. Avon has handed out VW Beetles, Keurigs, trips to Hawaii, Walt Disney World, & more and they continue to do so.

8. See all the great new products and gifts, and order them when you want – up to two months before the brochures go out to the customers.

9. Starting your own business in direct sales gives you an additional stream of income.

10. Have a busy life and don’t think you have time? No need to change your lifestyle – just give an Avon brochure to the people you already see.


Why not YOU?  Why not TODAY?


To become an Avon Rep and start being your own boss, visit BossLifeForMe.com.

For more info: info on selling Avon



Have a great day and I look forward to a successful partnership!

Beth Bailey