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Tips for Doing Vendor Events as an Avon Rep

Tips for Doing Vendor Event as an Avon Rep

Beth Bailey Ind Sales Rep at Louisiana Peach Festival June 2017

Being a Booth Vendor at festivals & holiday shopping events is a great way to get your face & name out in your community while also making connections, gaining customers & team members, booking parties, and making on-the-spot sales!

As an Avon Independent Sales Representative, I’ve vendored a few different event venues and am a regular at my local summer festival which has been going on for several decades and has built up foot traffic of approximately 10,000 attendees. I love doing vendor events and hope I can help you with doing or starting your own booth!


​There are different ways you can find an event to set up a booth at. Call the Chamber of Commerce and visit websites that list events & festivals such as festivalsandevents.com and fairsandfestivals.com. Make sure you get the name & contact number for the person in charge of the event.


There will be a vendor fee you must pay and this fee will depend on how many years the event has gone on, the amount of foot traffic they had the prior year, and whether you’ll be inside or outdoors. You will likely also have to fill out an application. Even if the event already has a direct seller from your company, fill out and turn in the application anyway in case the other rep doesn’t do the event.


If it’s an area with a good flow of traffic, another couple of options for you is to set up near the end of your own driveway.

Once you’ve found an event, there are things you’ll want to have. A few things you will want to have is brochures, a way to capture information for those interested in buying from you & those interested in joining your team (“survey forms”) as well as have information on hand such as flyers/Hostess packets for parties, flyers/info packets for fundraisers, and flyers for becoming a Ind Sales Rep.



Here is my own personal list for setting up my Avon booth at events. Take away or add to as you need to fit your needs.


The “Hardware”

  • Tent (can be set up indoors if venue is large enough to help you stand out and if allowed)

  • Banner(s)

  • 2-3 Tables

  • 1 Tablecloth for each table

  • 1-3 Chairs (one chair for you, one for your helper if you have one, and an extra for anyone joining your team, or looking over your party packet, etc)

  • Decorations & colors (these can be event themed or specific to your brand; to help your booth stand out and be inviting to event attendees)

  • Trays for demos


The “Goods”

  • Products for sell (don’t break the bank trying to sell at events!)

  • Demos

  • Samples

  • Inventory list (products to sell with prices; demos be ready to sell these too; clearance items; gift baskets; brochures & business cards to give away). This way, you not only know what you sold & how much you sold it for and what kind of items sold best, you’ll know how many people you gave books, samples, & biz cards to.


Business Tools

  • Brochures

  • Business cards (these are great for networking with other vendors if you take a break and get the chance to walk around the event)

  • Hostess Packets (if you choose to have parties)

  • Fundraiser Info Packets (if you choose to do Fundraisers)


Be prepared for payments & orders

  • $40 in change (5x $5, 12x $1, and $3 in quarters) to be able to make change for customers and keep in money bag

  • Money bag (keep in a secure location at all times, maybe even use a fanny pack!)

  • Calculator (not your phone)

  • Mobile card reader (for taking debit/credit payments) I use Square

  • Product bags (for event customers to carry their purchases from you)

  • Current brochure for product/price questions and on-the-spot orders

  • Order book for on-the-spot orders (and so you can give them a receipt)


To capture additional interest and name & contact info for those interested in you & your product:

  • ​Gift basket giveaway (to help draw interest)

  • ​Gift basket giveaway entry forms (This will give you a way to follow up with some of the people who stop by your booth.)

  • Some pens


Some of the flyers I frame and have on the tables to catch additional interest:

  • New Representative details flyer

  • ​We take credit cards sign

  • Do you do fundraisers? Gift baskets? Why not make a flyer with information on it and frame it, too?



Tips & suggestions

  • Set up your tables to make your booth L or U shaped, so that it doesn’t block the visitors from coming into your booth or make it difficult for them to get in.

  • Engage with visitors and those who pass by – don’t just sit behind a table waiting on them to come in because then they likely won’t! Smile, talk to them, say hi, ask how they like the event, invite them in, etc, but also keep it lowkey so they don’t feel like they’re being pounced on!

  • Do your best to NOT be on your phone too much! Show your interest in the event & the people!

  • Think about customizing your tent & tables with your personal brand & colors, your name, and maybe the name Avon.

  • Try to have a helper you trust to help run the booth while you’re there and so you can take a break if you need to. This can be a regular helper or even another Rep you partner up with, dividing the vendor fee and each having an equal share the both space.

  • Jewelry & clothing displays showcase your jewelry & clothing much better than simply laying them on the table.

  • Create height to your booth and add interest to attendees eyes by using shelving and/or stands. This helps the attendees to be able to distinguish between the different products on your table.

  • Don’t overcrowd your tables. Having too much can visually overwhelm new customers.

  • Have clear price labels on your products or cluster your same-price products “under” one price label/stand.

  • Be dressed well but comfortable, including comfortable shoes.

  • Be dressed well but comfortable, including comfortable shoes!

  • Wear something that says YOU are an Avon Independent Sales Rep – an Avon branded t-shirt, a name badge, or may a cap/visor!

  • Wear bold Avon jewelry &/or lipstick.

  • Have your nails done in your favorite Avon nail enamel

  • If you have framed flyers and the frame is light-weight, secure your frame or have the kind of frame that has an extended leg behind it – especially if you’re outdoors! (I learned the hard way lol)



Have a great day! 💋

Your Avon Lady,

Beth Bailey

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