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Feeling Lucky? Here’s Your Chance to Win 1 of 4 Special Edition Mini Coopers & Have the Taxes Paid for You!

Here’s Your Chance to Win 1 of 4 Special Edition Mini Coopers!

Avon Drive Like a Boss incentive. Win 1 of 4 Mini Coopers. Become an Avon Representative at BossLifeForMe.com

How does winning a car sound? You have that chance right now with New Avon! How about also having the taxes paid for you? That’ll happen for four lucky winners!

A few years ago, Avon gave a away four Ford Mustangs. Last year, New Avon gave away a Mercedes (ya heard me). And now… New Avon’s newest car incentive is for the Mini Cooper, four of them to be exact! Avon will be giving away four Special Edition Mini Coopers, one in each of New Avon’s four Regions.


They’re special edition because each car is painted to match a color in Avon’s makeup line! How cute is that? Wait – There’s more! What’s better than winning a car? Winning a car AND the funds to pay the taxes! The four winners of these Mini Coopers will each receive $10,000 to go toward paying the vehicle taxes! I don’t know about you, but that just blows my mind, y’all!


Click here to become an Avon Representative now!


Here’s how you do it and earn those sweepstakes entries

For an Avon Representative in the United States who is in good standing to be eligible to enter this sweepstakes and earn your first entry, all you need to do is one of two things: either attend one of the upcoming Drive Like a Boss training workshops OR complete all Avon University online training courses that are available during the incentive period. (All classes must be completed by December 4, 2017.)


Avon U is actually currently getting an awesome makeover and the new setup will be unveiled this Fall. I’m personally excited about it! Anyway, Avon U and any workshops Avon brings us are all part of our free Representative training that is designed to help us build our Avon business! It’s a win-win, really, because we get to learn more about our business and earn entries at the same time!


You can earn up 11 entries in all regardless of how they’re earned and since this incentive runs C20-C25, 2017 (September 6 – December 4, 2017), you have SIX campaigns to earn them! The other 10 entries will be earned through sales and team building.


Get Entries for Customer Sales…

For each Campaign when you increase your sales over the same Campaign from last year by at least $100. Your current sales must be at least $300, so $300 or $100+, whichever is higher. Each Campaign is independent of each other, meaning you don’t have to get all of them for your sales increase to count in a Campaign!

If you are a new Representative, don’t worry… your minimum sales goal will automatically be $300 to qualify in this area.


Get Entries for Team Building…

You will get one entry for each Qualified New Recruit! Of course, that’s only until you meet the maximum number of entries allowed per Avon Rep. New Recruit qualifies when they place a $150 order in their 1st or 2nd Campaign AND pays for it on time (by Campaign closing).

Both Avon Leads who sign up (if you qualify to receive leads from Avon) and those who sign up that you get on your own will all be able to count towards this incentive for your entries. Since this incentive ends in Campaign 25, recruits must qualify before Campaign 25 closing to count. So, if they come in in Campaign 25, they must qualify in Campaign 25 to count.


The Drawings

The drawings for the cars will happen on or around December 12, 2017 and winners will be notified by New Year’s Eve!


All full details can be found through your Rep account on youravon.com


Becoming an Avon Representative is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. When you first land on the Avon Opportunity Page, your first step is filling out your information. (If you’re asked for a Reference Code, mine is bethbailey)

  2. Choose your Starter Kit. (** The choice of Starter Kits is given only once. New Reps will not have the opportunity to change kits once enrollment is submitted. **)

  3. Review your information for accuracy & choice of Starter Kit, pay for the kit, and click Submit!


avon starter kits



I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Have a great day! 💋

Beth Bailey


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